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AbiWord on OLPC

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AbiWord on OLPC Roadmap

For Mid-Term:

  • Write up an initial requirements document that includes a) requirements to conform to Red Hat's "Sugar" design memes b) technical requirements for it to work on the OLPC and c) requirements based on the user research I've been doing
  • Get the OLPC emulator and system image running on my laptop
  • Start drawing sketches and mockups
  • Get AbiWord compiling from HEAD, and do some basic UI modifications
  • After Mid-Term:

  • Apply changes sent to me for Brazil article.
  • Interview american teachers about how their kids use computers
  • Find kids to do usability with. Talk to people about Mansfield computer town camp.
  • Design Constraints

    Design Goals



    Open Questions:

    Will these be deployed entirely through public schools? And if so, will that mean many poor kids won't have access?

    How will wiki pages be integrated? Does it make sense to have AbiWord on the OLPC given the wiki focus?

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